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KEK Exhibition Stands - A Real Eyecatcher.

Each exhibition stand is a new challenge for us. We check for every single detail–no matter if it’s a large stand with 3,000 sq.m. or a small solution having just 30 sq.m. The goal is to convert the customer’s corporate design into a three-dimensional, fully functional structure which fully satisfies the customer–and the visitor as well. This can only be achieved with highly experienced designers and employees who have extensive trade fair experience and know how to deal with tight schedules.

While you care about your business, you can count on us to arrange a suitable environment. Your target group is what we have in mind, with flower bouquets or meeting rooms, with information desks or snacks. We offer you a one-stop solution with comprehensive cost control, short response times and of course our well-known quality level.

You get everything you or your sub-exhibitors might need, including partner acquisition, specialized partner information desks, invitation mailings, partner forms, graphics handling, logo processing, general plans, press kits, joint press advertisements, meeting issues, catering, subject assignment, visitor guidance systems, wardrobes, lockers, feedback forms, giveaways, hardware, visitor interviews, exhibitor ID cards–just everything you and your sub-exhibitors might need. Including the invoicing service.

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